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I am the Owner of SafePro Auto Glass. I have balanced my life with God, Family, giving our Customers a "Legendary" Service Experience and Giving Back to the Community.

Currently, I am the President of the Arizona Glass Association, which I helped found in 2001. The Arizona Glass Association is the voice of all independent Auto Glass Wholesalers and Shops in the State of Arizona. I was elected to the A.A.G.A. Board of Directors in 2001.

Over the last Two Decades, I've been a Board Member, Chairman of the Arizona Legislative Committee, a Lobbyist for the A.A.G.A. and I .am the Current President. The A.A.G.A. has successfully passed, significant legislation that got signed into law by Governor.

We have opposed all legislation that has been harmful to the Citizens of Arizona and the Auto Glass Industry. Recently (within the last year) many Insurance Companies Lobbied and Hired Lawyers to Convenience and Lobby the Arizona State Legislators. The Lobbyists and Lawyers were hired to Repeal, change and kill the Law that Requires All, of the Insurance Companies to "Offer" Glass Coverage. They are Mandated by Law to "Offer" every Person that has Comprehensive Insurance Coverage, the OPTION to Purchase their Zero Deductible Auto Glass Coverage.

Arizona Law in Revised Statute 20-264 states: Automobile insurance; damaged safety equipment deductible optional; definition: A. Any insurer writing private passenger automobile insurance which includes comprehensive coverage for motor vehicle damage shall provide at the option of the insured, complete coverage for the repair or replacement of all damaged safety equipment without regard to any deductible.

B. As used in this section, "safety equipment" means the glass used in the windshield, doors and windows and the glass, plastic or other material used in the lights of a motor vehicle.

Reason of review: Free Chip Repairs For Life.

Safepro Auto Glass Pros: Great customer service.

Location: 2375 E Camelback Rd #600, Phoenix, AZ 85016, USA

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